The 23 Biggest Fuckboys In Rom-Coms

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their absolute least favorite guys in romantic comedies. Here are the assholes they couldn’t stand watching.

1. Elton (Jeremy Sisto) in Clueless

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“Omg he’s the worst! Not only is he a pretentious asshole who insinuates Ty isn’t good enough for him, but he sexually harasses Cher when she repeatedly says no, then he LEAVES HER stranded in an unfamiliar part of town where she ends up getting mugged. I hate him!” —oliviab4a17c385c

2. Joe (Tom Hanks) in You’ve Got Mail

Warner Bros.

“He was a jerk and freaking put Meg Ryan out of business. Also it was her dead mother’s beloved bookshop??? And nobody seems to even care in the end? If it were me I’d kick his ass so hard his business would feel it.” —hshaller1120

3. Ben (Bradley Cooper) in He’s Just Not That Into You

New Line Cinema

“He lies the whole time, to his wife (Scarlett Johansson). And don’t get me started on the cheating thing. Not okay. And was it really him smoking? We never see any evidence, but the cigarettes are there!!” —mandyfullerm

4. Sam (Alex Carlson) in 13 Going on 30

Revolution Studios

“Not only did he not respect the fact that Jenna doesn’t want to be his anymore, which is my biggest issue, but he doesn’t pay attention to the fact that when he gets out of the shower she has no idea who this ‘strange man’ in her apartment is. Also…the striptease scene? GROSS! Matty is so much better-looking anyways!” —melissak4f9598632

5. Daniel (Hugh Grant) in Bridget Jones’s Diary

“Honestly a disgusting excuse for a human being. Every time he comes onscreen I wanna throw up.” —melaniep4ef81e4ea

6. Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in 500 Days of Summer

Fox Searchlight Pictures

“He puts all these expectations on Summer and becomes obsessed with her, all under the guise of true love. Hard pass.” —timeglare73

7. Harry (Alan Rickman) in Love Actually

Universal Pictures

“Flirts with his giraffe of a secretary for the entire Christmas party IN FRONT OF HIS WIFE, buys the woman an expensive necklace and gives his wife a CD, and then eventually sleeps with her and ruins Christmas.”

8. Julianne (Julia Roberts) in My Best Friend’s Wedding

TriStar Pictures

“She was the WORST character in any romantic comedy ever! I felt no sadness for her not getting her dream man in the end. Dermot Mulroney should have sent her ass packing in the end. No friend should ever get in the way of her BFF’s happiness.” —sarahc48880d19c

9. …and Anna (Julia Roberts) in Notting Hill

Polygram Filmed Entertainment

“She doesn’t tell Hugh Grant she has a boyfriend, lets him get humiliated, throws a tantrum when the press finds them together, wrongfully blames him even though he has been her only comfort, then has the balls/narcissism to ask him at the end to love her. She takes him totally for granted (pun intended) the entire time and discards him whenever it suits her.” —alexy4f6ab0995

10. Nate (Adrian Grenier) in The Devil Wears Prada

Fox 2000 Pictures

“He was the most self-centered boyfriend, and totally unsupportive of his girlfriend’s career. He was supposed to be Andy’s biggest cheerleader, but instead, he made her chose between him and her career. What a loser!” —rissecortez

11. Edward (Richard Gere) in Pretty Woman

Touchstone Pictures

“He’s a chauvinistic douchebag who feels the need to change the girl and shame her.” —pseudotumor

12. Danny (John Travolta) in Grease

Paramount Pictures

“He pretended to be someone he wasn’t to get with her, then he was a dick to her in order to impress his friends. In the end, he accepts her only because she completely changed for him.” —mikolem

13. Joey (Andrew Keegan) in 10 Things I Hate About You

Touchstone Pictures

“He’s an obnoxious narcissist who’s willing to pay a lot of money just so he could get with Bianca. He’s super sleazy and totally deserved that broken nose.”

14. Jason (Tom Everett Scott) in Because I Said So

Universal Pictures

“He makes Mandy Moore’s character feel uncomfortable and bad about herself constantly.” —biancab4fef94982

15. Rob (John Cusack) in High Fidelity

“He treats his girlfriend like shit until she breaks up with him. Then he obsesses over winning her back, all the while trying to find out what he’s been doing wrong (and deciding it was always someone else’s fault). Because serial cheating wasn’t reason enough?” —caitlinm18

16. Mark (Andrew Lincoln) in Love Actually

Universal Pictures

“He chooses to be a complete douche to his BEST FRIEND’s girlfriend/fiancé/wife throughout their entire relationship…because he’s in love with her? Like how? How can he be ‘in love’ with someone he never speaks to, isn’t even friends with, and generally treats like crap? And then the wedding video… Dude. Creepy as shit.” —ihateredroses

17. Jesse (Skylar Astin) in Pitch Perfect

Brownstone Productions (II)

“I get it, he’s trying to be ‘cute’ or whatever, but Beca’s character is so independent and knows what she wants, she didn’t even need the relationship storyline to begin with. Jesse is constantly trying to change her into his ideal woman, because the person she is originally is not good enough for him. And, when she gets into trouble, he calls her dad, who she already has a strained relationship with. Not cool, bro.” —rashellew

18. Harry (Jack Nicholson) in Something’s Gotta Give

Columbia Pictures Corporation

“The whole trope of ‘old-ass man sees the beauty and value of age-appropriate women but only after he’s satiated his taste for twentysomethings’ is stupid and played out. Who wouldn’t be into Diane Keaton? Is he supposed to get a medal for realizing at 63 what most people do/should by 40?” —danicak3

19. Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) in The Other Woman

Twentieth Century Fox

“He had a wife, a girlfriend, another girlfriend, then went to Mexico (I think) to meet up with ANOTHER GIRL. This was all at the same time! Then when they all confronted him, he had like a nervous breakdown. He’s such a jerk.” —royairavani01

20. Chris (Ryan Reynolds) in Just Friends

Inferno Distribution

“The dude treats women (including the girl he’s trying to get with) like absolute garbage because he spent years operating under the belief that if you treat a girl like a human being you’re automatically entitled to having sex with her, only to find out that (shocker!) that’s not the way it works.” —angelicaschurch

21. Westley (Cary Elwes) in The Princess Bride

Act III Communications

“He’s really full of himself and he treats Buttercup likes she’s a dumbass. She is. But it’s still rude.” —kbredenbeck

22. Steve (Matthew McConaughey) in The Wedding Planner

Columbia Pictures

“He character leads J.Lo on in the beginning, even though he’s engaged, and then pretty much blames her for his feelings. He confuses J.Lo and his poor fiancé the whole time. Despite the horrible character, I still love this movie and Matthew too. Guilty pleasure!” —victoriagraceg

23. …and Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) in Failure to Launch

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“Actually, Matthew McConaughey in any movie he’s in.” —ryenmdetoro

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