Miranda Kerr: Shape-Shifter? Model Lets Secret Slip in Shocking New Interview

“…and though she turned, now into fire, now into water, and now into a beast, he did not let her go till he saw that she had resumed her former shape.”

To her public, Miranda Kerr is a lot of things: model, former wife of Orlando Bloom, etc. But a revealing interview with Just Jared proves she just may be a whole lot more—depending.


A chameleon. An actor.

A shape-shifter.

“Miranda Kerr Changes Up Her Style Based on Where She’s Visiting!” demurs the Just Jared headline, loudly. New York, Los Angeles, Malibu, “business meeting”—daringly and perhaps recklessly, Miranda Kerr reveals her ability to transform her physiognomy to suit her location, manipulating the minds of those around her at will:

“In New York I feel like anything goes. In L.A. it’s definitely a lot more casual. In New York, I love to dress up for the winter season and really embrace the layers and have over-the-knee boots, where if I wore that in Malibu, people would think I was crazy. So in Malibu I try to keep it really simple. I honestly wear a lot of tights and sneakers. Australia is also very quite relaxed — kind of like the Malibu vibe — depending on if I have a business meeting.”

When I go to a plant store I am a plant; when I go to a cafe I am coffee. At the dog park, I assume the physicality of a dog.

Honestly it is quite relaxed.


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