Gwen Stefani's Friend Explains: That's Not Gavin Rossdale's Wedding Ring

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale: divorcing, as I’m sure you’ve heard. There were probably a number of factors that went in to the decision, but this week, reports surfaced that Gwen discovered—via the cloud—that Gavin cheated on her with the nanny. So why is he still wearing his wedding ring?

As Gwen Stefani’s friend will tell you, he’s not.


An unidentified “friend of Stefani’s” spoke to Page Six this morning about the rings Gavin has and has not been wearing. This friend says that reports claiming that Gavin is still wearing his wedding ring are false.

That’s not his wedding ring.

“The press keeps writing about how Gavin is wearing his wedding ring. He’s not!” the friend told Page Six. “The ring he’s currently wearing is a gift from a male friend.”


Oh ho.

Yes, the ring Gavin is currently wearing is silver, like his wedding ring. And yes, he is wearing it on the fourth finger of his left hand, like his wedding ring. But there is one important distinction between this ring and his wedding ring. As Gwen’s friend explained to Page Six, Gavin’s wedding ring had “two ‘Gs’ engraved on it.”

The ring Gavin is currently wearing does not have two Gs engraved on it.

Also, it was a gift from a male friend.


As you can see, we are speaking about a different ring here.

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