How Well Do You Actually Know The “Friends” Thanksgiving Episodes?

    1. He just really hates turkey.

    2. His childhood cat died on Thanksgiving.

    3. His parents told him they were getting divorced on Thanksgiving.

    4. His whole family got food poisoning on Thanksgiving when he was a kid.

  1. Which kind of potato did Monica NOT agree to prepare in Season 1?

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    1. Tater tots

    2. Mashed, with lumps

    3. Whipped, with peas and onions

    4. Roasted sweet potatoes

  2. In “The One Where Underdog Gets Away,” what song does Ross sing to his unborn baby?

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    1. The Monkees theme song

    2. The Laverne and Shirley theme song

    3. David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”

    4. John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy”

    1. A Care Bear glued to an upside-down Tupperware cup.

    2. A gold plastic cup glued to a Nerf footall.

    3. A troll doll nailed to a 2×4.

    4. A cup made of popsicle sticks with “Ross” written on one side and “Monica” written on the other.

  3. What were the original teams chosen for the touch football game in “The One With The Football?”

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    1. Ross, Chandler, Rachel vs Monica, Joey, Phoebe

    2. Ross, Monica, Chandler vs Joey, Phoebe, Rachel

    3. Monica, Chandler, Rachel vs Ross, Phoebe, Joey

    4. Monica, Phoebe, Chandler vs Ross, Joey, Rachel

  4. Which of the following is not one of the “threefold” meanings of Chandler being in the box?

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    1. It gives him time to think about what he did.

    2. It is a public shaming, for a shameful act.

    3. It hurts.

    4. It proves how much he cares about his friendship with Joey.

  5. Which of the following is not an item Rachel brings out to prove to Ross that she is not devoid of sentiment?

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    1. An eggshell from the first time he made her breakfast in bed.

    2. A movie stub from their first date.

    3. An artifact from the museum, where they were “together” for the first time.

    4. A dried rose from the first time he sent her flowers.

  6. In “The One With All The Thanksgivings,” what is the term Monica has used to refer to a boy’s “thing?”

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    1. His manhood

    2. His tenderness

    3. His dingle

    4. His candy cane

  7. What does Monica want to do to Chandler to get him back for calling her fat?

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    1. Chop off his toe.

    2. Get him naked and humiliate him.

    3. Put laxatives in his mac n’ cheese.

    4. Punch him in the stomach while he’s eating.

    1. Raspberries

    2. Jam

    3. Beef, sautéed with peas and onions

    4. Pudding

  8. What is the reason we discover that Ross and Monica’s parents don’t like Chandler in Season 6?

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    1. When Ross was caught smoking pot in college, he told them it was Chandler.

    2. They find it annoying that he hates Thanksgiving.

    3. They think he’s too sarcastic.

    4. Monica told them that he called her fat years ago and they never forgave him.

  9. Which of these things was NOT revealed in “The One Where Ross Got High?”

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    1. Monica and Chandler are living together.

    2. Joey wants to leave.

    3. Ross married Rachel in Vegas and got divorced again.

    4. Phoebe is drunk.

    1. Chompers

    2. Clunkers

    3. Crackers

    4. Daisy

  10. In Season 7, what state did Ross say he forgot and which state did he have written down twice?

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    1. Nevada, Utah

    2. Ohio, Colorado

    3. Delaware, Nevada

    4. Rhode Island, Ohio

  11. In “The One With The Rumor,” what does Will say are his two greatest enemies?

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    1. Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates

    2. Dark meat and narcissistic cheerleaders

    3. Rachel Green and empty calories

    4. High school bullies and candied yams

  12. What was the name of the club that Ross and Will co-founded?

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    1. The Rachel Green sucks club.

    2. The haters of Rachel club.

    3. The I hate Rachel Green club.

    4. The Rachel Green is the worst club.

  13. What was the rumor they started about Rachel in high school?

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    1. That she was born with both male and female genitalia.

    2. That she slept with the principal.

    3. That she was pregnant.

    4. That she couldn’t read.

  14. Which staff member did Ross make out with in high school?

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    1. Mrs. Sanderson, the cafeteria lady.

    2. Mrs. Anderson, the crossing guard.

    3. Mrs. Altman, the librarian.

    4. Mrs. Saltsman, the art teacher.

  15. Why did Rachel’s sister Amy’s boyfriend cancel their Thanksgiving plans?

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    1. He had a heart attack.

    2. He was a doctor and got called in for an emergency.

    3. His wife came back into town.

    4. His mother died.

  16. In Season 10, what is the name that Chandler gives to his and Monica’s hypothetical future baby?

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    1. Hemingway Bing

    2. Holden Caulfield Bing

    3. Kerouac Bing

    4. Gatsby Bing

  17. What is the name of the baby beauty pageant Phoebe and Rachel bring Emma to?

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    1. Little Miss Tri-State Baby

    2. Supreme Sunshine Baby

    3. Grand Supreme Little Darling

    4. Ultimate Grand Darling Baby

  18. What is the name of Joey’s Cabbage Patch Kid doll?

    Warner Bros.

    1. Melody Louise Avery

    2. Alicia May Emory

    3. Avery Melanie Landy

    4. Andrea Jane Ellery

    1. $100

    2. $500

    3. $1,000

    4. $1,500

How Well Do You Actually Know The “Friends” Thanksgiving Episodes?

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