Carmon Cabrice: I Wanna Know If ‘RHOA’s Porsha Williams Slept w/ Bolo!!

Kandi Burruss has been defending Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mate’s right to privacy over the Bolo situation — but Kandi’s close friend, Carmon Cabrice, says we all have a right to know what happened that night as it was on the show.

“You don’t technically owe anybody if you were on a trip with your homegirls. But you’re on the show. And you’re supposed to talk about your life,” she said on a recent episode of “Speak On It.”


Tanya and Porsha Quarantining (; 2:22)

“People act like, ‘Why anybody care?’ Come on, let’s be real. We all tuning in cause we care. People say, ‘Why does it matter what she did with her stuff? If she did, she did it.’ Umm, you wanna know. I wanna know. Everybody wanna know. That’s why we watched it. You wanna know. I mean who don’t wanna know?”

Kandi has not pushed Porsha to spill the bills, but Carmon says her bestie is being far too nice about it.

 “I think Porsha’s fun, funny for the show. You know, I think people love her. I just wish she would open up more. I feel like she’s doing deflect, if you slept with Bolo, you slept with Bolo. Let’s talk about it. Girl, whatever,” adding, “Sometimes I think she just be trying to be too nice. She knows what happened. We all know Kandi knows what happened. And I think she could have said it by now.”