Dr. Heavenly Kimes: Toya Bush-Harris Was A Fake Friend To Mariah Huq!!

Married to Medicine star Dr. Heavenly Kimes is claiming that Toya Bush-Harris was a “fake friend” to their former co-star and executive producer, Mariah Huq.

She addressed newcomer Lisa Nicole Cloud and Toya together.


‘Married to Medicine’ Trailer (; 1:00)

 “Lisa Nicole, b*tch you is recycled. Toya was never your friend. She was the one who called your husband all kinds of names. And I don’t know why y’all act like y’all got amnesia. But d*mn it, I don’t. She wasn’t your friend,” she said in a video shared to her Youtube page.

She continued, “They probably paid Toya to get you back on the show just like they paid her to be friends with Mariah cause is she friends with Mariah now? Nobody f*ck with Mariah so they paid Toya to be her friend. Just like they paying you to be a friend. Nobody f*cks with you really Lisa Nicole. I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you the truth. I know it, I know it for a fact.”