7 Rising Handbag Brands We’re About to See Everywhere

Optimism and excitement are finally in the air as we start to wrap our heads around a much-anticipated reopening. Now that we finally are beginning to see our social calendars fill up, our closets are duly back in action and are in need of a slight upgrade. For way too long, our beloved clothes and accessories have been hibernating but they are finally ready to make their big 2021 debut.

As you begin to plan outfits for a night out (or dare I hint at vacation attire?), there’s one important detail you should certainly not forget and that is a new handbag. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been carrying the same purse for well over a year, and the idea of having more than just the passenger’s side of my car see said bag got me more excited than ever to begin my handbag shopping endeavor

Instead of browsing where I always do for a little sartorial newness, I decided to do a deep dive into the rising handbag brands our editors are championing right now. These emerging contemporary brands are ones we have high hopes for and are predicting that you’ll be seeing them all over the place in no time. Featuring an array of both trend-forward and classic aesthetics, it is with great excitement that I present the seven rising handbag brands we’re keeping our eyes on now. 

This kitschy handbag brand was founded by two best friends living in New York. Typically featuring an array of colors, trending shapes, and practical silhouettes, the meaning behind the name, Apede Mod, really hits the nail on the head. Apede gets its origin from an ancient Egyptian god named Apedemak, which means courage and independence, and Mod translates to modern and symbolizes independence and vitality.

Inspired by the handbags their grandparents used to carry that were loved for generations, Atomy aims to design bags that champions timelessness and durability among all else. All the bags are sewn by hand and made in a small workshop in Gdańsk and clearly embody the stunning classic designs we all crave in our wardrobes. 

THEMOIRè is a brand that is dedicated to sustainability through and through. Using exclusively biodegradable, recycled, and regenerated materials, this brand is constantly striving to have as little negative environmental impact as possible while delivering extremely elevated designs. 

Chances are you’ve seen these colorful boxy bags all over Instagram and with good reason. Brandon Blackwood is not only using his trend-forward designs to please his fun sartorial obsessed customer but to relay important messages including his assortment of End Systemic Racism handbags.

This Danish handbag brand was founded in Copenhagen and can be found in many retailers worldwide. These bags are not only filled with life and color, but they are also made from responsibly sourced materials including strong two-faced twill fabrics made of recycled fibers from plastic waste. 

If you’re a fashion lover, there’s no way you haven’t noticed the return of Y2K style this year. While these bags envoke nostalgia from multiple decades, it certainly fits right in with the reemergence we’re seeing from that iconic Y2K period of time. 

Mehry Mu is a handbag brand inspired by anthropology, literature, and travel. Güneş Mutlu founded the brand in Istanbul and continues to not only churn out noteworthy designs but also has made strong humanitarian and artistic commitments. A portion of proceeds from Mehry Mu is donated to Kırmızı Çocuklar Derneği, a charity that supports the well being of children and young adults in Turkey. 

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