Need Outfit Inspo? Here Are 10 Chill Spring Looks to Try This Month

Welcome to Weekday Wardrobe, a series in which Who What Wear editors and fashion influencers will show you the outfits they wear from Monday to Friday. We’ll break down where you can shop it all to inspire your own everyday style, no matter what’s on your weekly agenda.

Last year, I (almost) had all the time in the world to not only start really reconsidering the way I shop for future pieces, but also take a good look at what I already owned. I realized how important it is for me to buy pieces that stand the test of time, and can be worn with a multitude of outfits. It was time I bid adieu to hoarding fast-fashion pieces and start buying better (like a pair of Levi’s®), and wearing longer. This will help me experiment with my wardrobe, and have outfits I will wear on repeat through the year.

For some inspiration, I’m turning to Gen Z’s most stylish to see what the younger set is wearing. Lucky for me, I work with none other than Yusra Siddiqui, who some of you may already follow. Who What Wear’s assistant market editor has a knack for finding key pieces she can seamlessly integrate into her wardrobe, and this season, she’s been wearing her Levi’s® Straight Jeans on repeat. I also tapped Nya Green, one of my favorite models on TikTok, who churns out effortless outfits like no one else (and proved Loose Cargos are a spring staple). I asked them to style their favorite Levi’s® five different ways to show how much mileage you can get out of your wardrobe when you change your shopping strategy to buying better and wearing longer. Check out their spring-ready looks below.

Siddiqui, whose style is a dash of classic and a sprinkle of trendy, told me that when it comes to putting an outfit together, you need to look at pieces through the lens of how you enjoy dressing—not just the more obvious on-trend way of styling them. “I love trends as much as the next person, but I sometimes find myself blindly following the popular way to wear something instead of taking the time to look at a piece and think, ‘Okay, how do I want to wear this? How can I style it to make me feel good?'”

For her weekday wardrobe, she dressed up her high-waisted, wide-leg jeans with fancier pieces (hello, feather-trimmed top), but her favorite pick of the bunch was this look below, starring a micro-floral second-skin top she tells me she can’t stop wearing.

What typically inspires your style? How do you create variety in your looks? My weekly wardrobe really varies: I tend to do a mix of comfortable outfits with one or two stand-out looks. Although I love dressing up, comfort is priority for me, so I like to keep a balance of trendy ensembles with simple and relaxed ones. What do you love about these Levi’s jeans? I’ve been gravitating toward Levi’s since college. Its quality and fit are just unbeatable. As someone who’s 5’3, it can be tricky to find denim that fits at the waist and doesn’t pool at my legs. None of my Levi’s pairs ever have to be altered, so why not stick to what you know? I wear black a lot, so I like how this look didn’t involve any, and I was able to think outside the box a little in terms of color and styling.

Although these are *technically* straight-leg, I’m into the fact that they’re baggier and wider than traditional styles.

Second-skin tops have become a staple in every fashion editor’s wardrobe.

Although we’re shifting away from cooler temps, it’s always a good idea to have a classic trench in your wardrobe for transitional days.

If you’re looking for some fresh style inspiration, here it is, care of Green. She’s truly a pro at creating a perfectly harmonious look from a reckless mix of vintage and thrifted pieces, so I wasn’t surprised when she made a point of telling me not to be afraid of experimentation. “Try wearing new combinations that you’d never think to wear,” Green says. “Textures should be your best friend. A silky oversize shirt paired with cargo pants is the perfect spring outfit.”

What typically inspires your style? How do you create variety in your looks? My everyday wardrobe consists of many eccentric pieces that are randomly thrown together. I love combining staples from different decades to create variety. Textures and patterns are key when wanting to differentiate your closet. What do you love about your Levi’s? A significant part of my ethos is protecting the environment. I’m constantly on the hunt for a brand that incorporates fashion and sustainability. They’re super soft to the touch and not your typical paper-bag cargo pant. They hug your body in just the right places.

Made with sustainable dye, these cargos are also super soft.

They also come in denim, if that’s more your thing.

Consider yellow a huge color this season.

You can never really go wrong with this classic wardrobe staple.

Surely, there’s a multitude of ways to wear these buttery straight crop jeans this spring.

Olive is the perfect neutral to style with all your white pieces this summer.

Perfect for balmy evenings.

Another classic for the books.