These Are the Biggest New Engagement Ring Trends, Period

Deciding on an engagement ring is a huge deal. With so many options on the market these days, there is certainly a lot to choose from. If you’re thinking about which engagement ring is the right one for you and want to take a look at the coolest trends and designers of the moment, we’re diving into all of that here. Since there is so much newness in the bridal world, I reached out to some of my favorite experts to highlight everything to know about rings now.

Each of the new engagement ring trends featured here was selected with fashion insiders in mind, meaning that you’re about to see all of these on-the-rise styles on your Instagram feed if you haven’t already. From the classic cut that is winning out right now to fashion people’s obsession with modern, unexpected shapes to the uptick in design-led pieces, these are the six most important engagement ring trends of 2021 that every “cool bride” should know about.

“The biggest engagement ring trend I see is two-, three-, four-, five-, multi-stone engagement rings. From two-stone ‘toi et moi’ rings, modern takes on the classic three-stone, a solitaire setting with one unexpected accent diamond, or a cluster of four-plus diamonds, clients are opting for more than a simple single-stone setting. Brides are using custom engagement rings to express themselves and their lifestyles.” — Katherine Kim, founder and designer, KatKim

“There is a growing interest in classic styles with a modern twist and design-led engagement rings. Strong and bold settings with unique forms have been increasingly popular for us. The Grand Ocean Ensemble was given to me by my boyfriend when I gave birth to our daughter Beate; it resembles the shape of an ocean wave and brings a twist to the classic ring form. In uncertain times, we need something to preserve and hold on to for generations to come. I believe in timeless pieces that can be passed down to future generations.” — Sophie Bille Brahe, founder and designer, Sophie Bille Brahe

“Cushion-cut diamonds are a classic cut that is on-trend for this year. Clients love the soft shape and the brilliance of the diamond cut. When the diamond has an elongated proportion it can look larger for its carat weight and elongate the finger.” — Ashley Zhang, founder and designer, Ashley Zhang

“Statement bands have been increasingly requested for us. Whether the band serves as their engagement ring or as a pairing, I think clients are gravitating toward them, as they are easy to wear and a little less traditional. For example, our Trace Ring and Eternal Cloud Ring carry soft, fluid forms that have been popular for us and embrace the trend of being able to wear them alone or pair them beautifully as a bridal stack.” — Kim

“Instead of matching a white gold and white diamond engagement ring and wedding band, brides are also now seeking to explore more unique, design-led pieces that showcase colorful gemstones and unusual artisanal elements, such as enameling or blackened gold, that perhaps better reflect their own sense of style and work with the rest of their jewelry collection.” — Charlie Boyd, fine jewelry and watches editor, Net-a-Porter

“We have also seen a continuation in the use of yellow gold and mixed metals. Setting diamonds in platinum with the band in yellow gold is a great compromise for customers who want flexibility with how they style their ring over time.” — Zhang

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