Why This Editor-Approved Sweater Is 100% Worth Your Money

As a lover of basics, I take seemingly simple things like jeans, T-shirts, ankle boots, and sweaters very seriously. It’s true—I probably put more thought into finding the perfect essential than I do when shopping for a party dress or new heels, but I feel like it kind of makes sense seeing as those are the pieces I wear and rely on the most. 

That said, when I find something I really like, I can’t help but talk it up. I’ve been known to text friends with links to “the best jeans” at all hours of the night or force everyone I know to buy an amazing white tee I discovered, and today, I’m continuing with that behavior because I feel like everyone needs to hear about my new favorite knit. Bias aside, I’ve been loving our new Who What Wear Collection Jaree sweater so much, and I’ve had to stop myself from wearing it every day. It’s a perfect, easy piece to throw on with jeans that, thanks to its luxe colorways and perfectly placed seams, just makes your outfit feel elevated without trying even one bit. Ahead, see how I and one of my fellow editors styled it and shop the piece, then continue on for more items I’m loving from our line lately.

See what I said about how well it pairs with jeans?

Of course, wearing it with leather pants is also an excellent idea.

This sweater is comfy enough to lounge in at home but cool enough to take to the streets, and that center seam is everything.

Another favorite among the team.

I love how this looks alone, but don’t forget you can also layer it over a thin turtleneck.

The set to beat all sets.

This color!

I have these and cannot stop wearing them.

Get the dress and the parties will come.

A little velvet is always a good idea.

This length feels so fresh.

It’s not your basic knit dress.

A timeless buy.

How chic is this drop-waist situation?

Remember what I said about layering this dress?

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