J.Crew Just Blew Me Away With These 30 Trendy Spring Items, Starting at $20

Have you perused J.Crew lately? Because let me tell you, you should—there are some very chic things happening over there that I think you should know about. When you think of J.Crew, you probably think of basics and classic wardrobe staples, but I’m here to inform you about the thoroughly trendy items they have too (some of which are trendy basics, because those are the best kind of basics).

I spent the better part of a cold afternoon scrolling through hundreds of J.Crew spring items and dreaming of the warmer days to come when I can wear them and be carefree and coat-less. It feels far away now, but it’s really not, folks. Spring officially begins next month, so I advise you to start building up your wardrobe now. Adding some trendy items to your cart from J.Crew is an excellent place to start. Scroll to shop my seasonal favorites to give yourself something to look forward to. You deserve it—it’s been a long, cold winter.

They also show this polo-neck dress styled with pants, and I’m very intrigued.

The springtime way to do the clog trend.

Wear it like so or over the matching tank.

These are as good as comparable sunglasses that cost hundreds.

It’s the extreme square neck for me.

I enjoy the tongue-and-cheekiness of these crew socks.

These pale yellow hue is shaping up to be a major spring color trend.

Ah, romance.

These are a trendy staple you won’t regret buying.

The neckline on this sweater is ridiculously chic.

I can’t pass up an affordable logo hat.

Half-zip sweatshirts are a trend celebrities are wearing with leggings (read all about it).

I’ll be busy daydreaming about wearing this dress for the next month.

It doesn’t get more 2022 than orange New Balance sneakers.

The racerback takes this perfect LBD to trend territory.

I love anything that’s sky blue and fluffy.

This is so much better than a basic trench.

All I can say is someone please order these.

If these don’t sell out soon, I’ll be shocked.

These are really calling my name.

It’s the contrasting (removable) straps for me.

I own a pair of black and white loafers and they’re even more versatile than you think.

Is it just me or is pistachio suddenly everywhere?

This sophisticated take on the plastic ring trend is worth a purchase.

This is exactly how to ease into the low-rise trend.

The kelly green trend shows zero signs of fading.

This looks comfortable enough to lounge in at home.

Monogrammable sweatpants are something I can definitely get behind.

Just the thing for a special spring occasion, if you ask me.

Aka how to wear the Canadian tuxedo trend without really trying.