Tyrese & His New Girlfriend Go VIRAL . . . By Using The TOILET TOGETHER!! (Yuck)

R&B singer Tyrese and his girlfriend Zelie are so in love that they can’t ear to be apart from each other – even for a single moment.


That’s why, MTO News has learned, that the couple enjoy going to the bathroom together. In a new Instagram video, Tyrese and Zelie both went into the same bathroom stall – and used the bathroom together – while playing footsie.


Tyrese and His GF Use Bathroom Together (; 0:59)

Tyrese and Zelie’s relationship hasn’t always gone so smoothly.

Last month, MTO News reported that Tyrese announced on social media that he and his bae, Zelie Timothy are calling it quits. However, the singer/actor shared a video of Zelie naked in the bathtub and wrote a “fair well” post. In the caption, Tyrese said, 

“We had so much potential. We really did. I wish you well, ending on a goo; endings a good thing….. I will forever love you @zelietimothy cheers to you!!”

Tyrese and Zelie went public in March. A year before Tyrese and Zelie got cozy, Tyrese and his ex-wife Samantha Lee announced their split in December. They were married for four years and shared a daughter, Soraya, 3.