Doja Cat Accused Of ‘ABUSING’ Ex-Boyfriend  . . Driving Him To SUICIDE!!

Pop singer Doja Cat’s ex-boyfriend committed suicide, MTO News has learned. And his friends are claiming that Doja is the one who posted the young rapper to take his own life.

The explosive allegations were made during an episode of the No Jumper podcast.

In the episode, the host says his friend Ash Riser got into argument with Doja Cat aand she deleted his entire hard drive of music he was working on for TDE & Kendrick Lamar. 

Without that music – that took months to create – Ash’s life began spiraling out of control.

The host claims that his friend Ash was never the same after that and his career tanked. Ash began abusing drugs & eventually killed himself, 

Doja Cat’s career took off – and she rode off into the sunset.


Doja Cat Pushed Her Boyfriend To Suicide (; 2:20)