Tory Lanez’s Bodyguard Alleges Rapper Was Sleeping w/ Megan Thee Stallion & Her Friend!!

Audio of Tory Lanez’s bodyguard detailing the events on the night of the shooting has surfaced online… and it a different version from the one we’ve all heard — he says that the conflict started after Tory got caught out sleeping with Megan and her friend.

According to the bodyguard, Lanez was sleeping with both Megan and her friend. It was her friend, Kelsey, and Lanez, who were fighting over the gun.

“Tory and Meg get to arguing. Kylie’s outside at the pool still. Tory and the girl in the car start arguing. Meg walked out because she finds out such and such, Tory been messing with both of the women in the car. You know how that goes already, Tory got in trouble,” the bodyguard explains.

He continues, “Meg hops out the car, Tory and the girl fighting over the gun. The gun accidentally goes off in the midst of them fighting for it and the gun shoots and the bullet accidentally hits near Megan. That’s why it didn’t hit any tendons because it grazed her, it didn’t actually hit her. She’s lying like it hit her.”

He didn’t explain why Lanez had his gun out in the first place.