Gillie Da King On Birdman: He Robbed Every N*gga He Came In The Game With!!

Gillie Da King had some harsh words to say about Birdman on a recent episode of his podcast, Million Dollaz Worth of Game.

Wack 100 was a guest on the show, and Wack made the error of calling the Cash Money boss the “top indie executive in the world.”

Gillie did not feel the same way.

“All these n*ggas is fake bitch-ass n*ggas,” he told Wack

Wack works for Cash Money West. 

“Money ain’t got sh*t to do with being real. There’s a lot of fake-ass n*ggas with money. N*ggas is fake as a muthaf*cker. He done robbed every n*gga he came in the game with to get some money.”

Gillie’s cohost, Wallo, had enough of him dissing Birdman.

“F*ck outta here! Don’t you ever disrespect Birdman… You still got the panties in your ass,” Wallo told Gillie. “Let that sh*t go. Cash Money records. That’s why he f*ckin’ with me. I’m tired of this sh*t. I don’t want to hear that sh*t no more about no f*ckin’ Birdman on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game.”

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