These Are My Favorite Brands to Buy at Shopbop and What I’d Buy From Each

I really don’t like going shopping with my sister. Don’t get me wrong. I love her—so much. But I don’t love shopping with her. And that’s because whenever we go into a store, she looks at every single item, scans every single rack, and tries on just about everything in her size. I won’t even get started on her online shopping habits. (She orders 11 things at a time and maybe, just maybe, keeps one.) Now there’s absolutely no problem with her method of shopping, but I just have no patience for it.

When I’m shopping, in stores or online, I know exactly what brands I like, which brands I don’t, which styles I like, which styles I don’t, etc. Most of the time, I can walk into a store and immediately take one scan around the room and know if I will find something I like. When I shop online, I go to one of my favorite sites—Shopbop —and open five tabs. That’s it.

Okay, I’ll admit that it is fun to browse through sites and shops and discover different brands or find new styles or trends. But when it comes to saving time and finding something reliable, I like to stick to what I know. And in this case, it’s Shopbop and these five brands. 

And Lily, if you are reading this, maybe I’ll go shopping with you soon. Maybe.

Jonathan Simkhai knows what he’s doing. All of his pieces are so carefully constructed and tailored to perfection. So simple, elegant, and chic, this is a brand that won’t disappoint.

Yep, I need a vegan-leather bandeau dress right now.

The cinched waist is really chic.

I’d been eyeing this shirt forever and finally caved, and I have absolutely zero regrets.

I have nothing to wear this dress to, yet I need it.

One of the best intimate brands around, Stripe & Stare makes underwear and pajamas classy and cute. Plus, its collab with LoveShackFancy really makes it hard to resist adding everything to your shopping cart.

Because fruit-printed underwear is a necessity.

This pajama set is super luxe.

This makes an amazing bridal-shower gift.

BRB, getting new thongs.

Ganni designs silhouettes that are feminine, structured, and unique. Without being attached to a crazy designer price tag, it’s easy to justify buying just about everything you see from this brand.

My mom has this dress, and she looks unbelievable in it.

It may be only 20° here, but I want this now.

Have a nice day and buy this shirt!

I’ve been in a beanie phase lately.

This brand’s mission is to empower women and be accessible, and it succeeds in this with its fashion. Staud consistently produces beautiful pieces with simple shapes and happy colors.

The color scheme just gets me.

Halter tops are making a comeback.

I feel like this bag would go with everything.

This dress gives me “Baby from Dirty Dancing” vibes—don’t ask why.

I discovered these sneakers five years ago, and everyone else is just a bandwagon fan. But seriously, the brand offers great-quality shoes in a limited quantity, which ensures no one else will have the same pair as you.

When you can’t quite commit to a full high top, Midstars are the perfect in-between.

I’m a huge fan of this color scheme and am desperately trying to resist adding this pair to my collection.

My roommate swears by her Hi Stars.

Yes, the brand makes fabulous bags, too, and the cutest keychains around.

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