I Only Buy Items I’ll Wear at Least 5 Times Per Month—These Basics Are Smart

No one likes opening their closet at the start of the day and feeling like they have nothing to wear. Whenever this happens to me, without fail, it ultimately boils down to having racked up too many items that come with a less-than-ideal cost-per-wear value. Translation: Stocking your closet with items you can wear multiple times a month (five wears is a good rule of thumb) is the easiest way to alleviate that wardrobe-induced headache. Of course, you can rewear anything you wish at any given time, but my idea of smart shopping is building on basic pieces you can style differently each time you whip them out. Think neutral-toned blazers, classic denim jackets, the perfect straight-leg jeans, and tanks you can wear alone or layered. In a nutshell, I’m always shopping for pieces that make my wardrobe feel well-rounded while ensuring I’m getting the best bang for my buck. If you can relate, then I fully recommend considering the styles below.

This has to be the most wearable tank ever.

Buy these if you’re that person who wears leather pants year-round. (I am that person.)

Your classic black tee just got better.

Layer this over essentially any shirt.

Pro tip: Grab a button-down top in every neutral shade (not just white).

With a tiered, ruffled sleeve, this isn’t your average cardigan.

Shackets are trending everywhere for a reason.

Comfy trousers are the missing ingredient to an elevated outfit you’ll want to wear on repeat.

A blazer that’s both fun and versatile is an absolute must.

The name says it all, and you can pair this with anything from jeans to a miniskirt.

Greens such as this one are neutrals in my book.

Yes, you need to experience the sheer version of a T-shirt.

I’m never not reaching for a blazer.

This long-sleeve tee goes from the office to the weekends with ease.

Denim jackets never get old. (This isn’t up for debate.)

This top just sold me on stripes.

And here we have the perfect wash of black jeans.

This is my new official “lazy-day” top.

This kind of mesh top is so versatile.

“Dream pant” is right. These are business and lounge all in one.

I don’t see this ever going out of style.

Are you ready for a blast from the early ’00s? Denim with personality is actually an easy way to add some interest to your look, as you can pair it with a simpler top.

Pro tip: Collect tops you can wear alone or as a jacket.

I love a pair of pants I can grab to wear with both heels and house slippers.

If you actually catch me in this cozy top more than five times in a month, no you didn’t.

The ultimate button-down silhouette doesn’t exi—

Style this with a jacket to change the look completely.

These pants are so simple but so cool.

Puff sleeves are the best way to add excitement to a traditional tee.

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