The-Dream Reacts To ‘Signed’ Controversy: Y’all Only Show Up For F*ckSh*t!!

Singer The-Dream has responded to the controversy surrounding the resurfaced clip of the reality show, Signed — where Rick Ross chooses Just Britanny over the more talented vocalist Kaiya.

While most of the backlash was aimed at Rick Ross, it seems The-dream has been receiving some of the smoke too.

He is blaming it on editing.

“1. It’s called editing 2. I’m sure I picked a talented singer named Bria. Yes she’s Dark but that’s not why I chose her. 3. Y’all are the ones that’s weird as f*ck. Like wtf is wrong with y’all? Did you even see the show? So nah f*ck y’all 4. 5. Y’all only show up for f*cksh*t,” he tweeted.

He continued: “”Idgaf, it’s useless. The liars are on top. The thieves are applauded for stealing, the religions are for everybody. belief in fact have given way to a the internet the new editors of the truth. Like those first Bible editors. You know it’s not real but you still repeat it. foh.”