DJ Vlad: Playboi Carti Tried To Have Rubi Rose Interview Pulled!!

DJ Vlad interviewed No Jumper host Adam22 where he revealed that Playboi Carti allegedly tried to have Rubi Rose’s 2019 interview taken down.

In the interview, Rubi, who used to date Carti, alleged that the rapper shot at her during an argument.

“We got the cease and desist from his lawyers,” said Vlad. The interview said he paid the legal papers no mind because “if you guys are trying to claim defamation, you guys are trippin’ right now. So, we’re like no, we’re not taking sh*t down.”

Adam22 says Carti slid into his DMs after he reported on the story, but both agreed that if Carti did shoot a gun at her — she should be free to speak about it.


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Carti has been having a rough few months. After splitting with former girlfriend Iggy Azalea, she put him on blast over the holidays accusing him of being a deadbeat and calling him out for spending Christmas partyng with his side chick instead of with his son.