The Cast Of “Riverdale” As The Original “Archie” Comics Is Terrifying

1. OK, the characters of CW’s hot new show “Riverdale” are amazingly cast and they all look perfect for their parts…But, what if…they took it a little further…

5. Ashleigh Murray as Josie after

Archie Comics / CW / Loryn Brantz

Don’t ever change her hair please.

7. Lili Reinhart as Betty after

Archie Comics / CW / Loryn Brantz


9. Camila Mendes as Veronica after

Archie Comics / CW / Loryn Brantz

Is this cute or terrifying? I can’t tell.

12. And last but not least, Cole Sprouse as Jughead before

Archie Comics / CW

14. Q & A with the artist

Q: Did a toddler photoshop this?
A: Nope, I’m 31 and three quarters! *Uses hands to show the how many.*

Q: Did you get paid for this?
A: Yes! Thanks for asking.

Q: Are you sorry you made this?
A: A little.

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