The Best Colors to Wear in 2021, According to Your Zodiac Sign

How are you shopping for the year ahead? There’s no doubt here at Who What Wear we love to inform you about all the latest trends, It items, and current must-haves to help inform your shopping choices, but today, we’re focusing on a subject I’m particularly enamored with: Shopping for your zodiac sign. With a hopeful new year in front of us, what better time to tap into our astrological sign to help us guide our choices and express our true and best selves?

To get more insight, I tapped into astrologer and visual artist Narayana Montúfar (named one of Vogue’s top 13 astrologers to follow in 2021), who teamed up with shopping app Klarna to create a guide on what to add to your closet this year according to your zodiac sign. Montúfar explains, “Twenty twenty-one will deliver the perfect opportunity to express your big, bold ideas and visions in your life, work, home, and wardrobe. Nothing will be too weird.”

Today, she’s breaking down the best colors to wear in 2021 according to our Zodiac sign so we can allow ourselves to reach our full splendor and potential. Each color recommendation is based on the planetary energy that will be affecting each one of the zodiac signs in 2021.

Take a peek below to see what the stars have in store.

“For Aries natives, 2021’s theme is acceptance, integrating, and processing all the change that took place for them in 2020. Purple, the color of spirituality, has the highest vibration so integrating more of this shade into their wardrobe will help Rams to realize their higher self and the sense of fulfillment they seek.”—Montúfar

“Taurus’s 2021 is all about environmental activism and social change, so the color green embodies the themes that are at the forefront of their minds. The color of nature and tranquility, green will also help Taureans deal with some erratic energy in the year ahead.”

“Twenty twenty-one is one of the most meaningful years for Geminis, as many will be welcoming changes that will guide them towards their destiny. Lavender clears their aura and helps them turn down the noise to achieve mental clarity.”

“Transformation is the name of the game for Cancer, as they will get a big lesson in identity and inner power this year. Burgundy’s rich, sophisticated vibrations perfectly align with the sign’s 2021 search for tenacity and strength.”

“This is a year that will test Leo’s flexibility and power of adaptability, during which they will have to channel their inner warrior. As the color of confidence and power, red helps Leos harness this year’s trying energy into energetic resilience.”

“Virgos will be in their element this year, and 2021 is about building on the foundation they created for themselves last year. Earthy shades like brown will help Virgos connect with their grounding element and align with this year’s theme of structure, focus, and hard work.”

“Libras are in store for a year of fun and play, so it’s only natural that their 2021 color would be yellow, the color of creativity. Libras went through a lot last year, and yellow will help them manifest more happiness during the year ahead.”

“Scorpio’s theme for 2021 is surprises—something this sign is not super fond of. To get the most powerful sign 2021-ready, electric blue does the job, inviting more action and excitement into their lives.”

“Sagittarius’s 2021 journey is shapeshifting and releasing the past in order to make room for the future to arrive. Dark colors and rich textures—think deep blues and forest greens—will help Archers shed their old skin and begin a new cycle.”

“Capricorn’s theme for 2021 is aligned with their nature: money and the power of manifestation. Wearing dark green will help Cappies attract abundance not only into their wallets but also other areas of their lives.”

“Aquarians are setting the trend for the year ahead! As the protagonist of 2021’s feature film, the Water-Bearer’s fun and innovative vibrations are aligned with gold—the color of royalty and stardom. This sign should get ready to strut their stuff and add some shimmer to their wardrobe as they do it.”

“Pisces’s 2021 theme is all about dreamy vibes and romance, making pink their go-to color to wear for the year ahead. Pink is a hue associated with inner peace and harmony—fitting for a sign whose powers of manifestation will be at an all-time high this year.”

Up next, three trending colors I’m wearing to get me through the throws of winter.