The 21 Best-Smelling Winter Candles I’ve Ever Purchased

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve taken a keen interest in making my WFH space as cute and efficient as possible this year. As I type this, I have a few key things handy: a chai latte, headphones, an aesthetically pleasing lamp, and some beauty products like lip balm and a face mist. But my favorite desk item is definitely a candle. It really helps me create a serene space that’s enjoyable and fun to work in, and that’s where this story comes in.

I’m a sucker for any and all winter-themed candles that remind me of the holiday season—no matter how cheesy they may be. Give me all of your scents of pine, fir, amber, mulled wine, vanilla, spices, eucalyptus, and more, and I’ll be one happy camper (minus the need to actually go camping in the woods). Scroll down to shop my favorite winter candles of all time. 

I’ve owned multiple scents from P.F. Candle Co., and I’ve enjoyed them all. However, I’m quite partial to the Amber and Moss version that smells like a lovely forest. 

You can’t write a list of the best candles without including cult-favorite Diptyque. This one is dubbed Wood Fire, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Perfect for cozy winter nights.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, consider that this Le Labo scent has dozens of glowing reviews on Nordstrom’s website. It boasts all the best whiffs of winter: amber, cocoa, vanilla, cedar, spices, musk, and sandalwood.

Call me a sucker, but anything called “Holiday Candle” will definitely get my attention. I love this minimalist ceramic vase as well as the fig, cypress, and Assam tea notes. 

I bought this candle with my latest H&M online shopping haul, and I’m definitely glad I did. The fresh eucalyptus smell is lovely, and the $6 price was even better. 

Anecdote’s cute candle jars make clear exactly what to expect from each scent. With spruce and cypress, it smells like the best après ski lunch in the mountains. 

The perfect example of a candle becoming a mini work of art, this beautiful Wave Murano Glass candle smells like mulled wine on Christmas Eve. 

This affordable H&M candle smells like pleasant white lilies. I think three of these in a row would look so cute on a tabletop. 

This candle is made with a clean-burning mix of soy and coconut waxes and is free of parabens and phthalates. This aroma has notes of balsam fir, winter spice, and musk. 

Another one of my favorites from Diptyque, this one smells like woods, patchouli, and spices. 

This one smells like the experience of growing up picking berries in a meadow next to your house (not that I would actually know). It boasts notes of black currant berries, rose petals, and caladium leaf. 

This one is a very cute gift for the fashion lover in your life because it boasts one of HVN’s signature prints usually found on its dresses. It has lovely earthy and woodsy aromas. 

This candle is from the chicest boutique in Porto, Portugal. I’m obsessed with its cedar and eucalyptus fragrances. 

Aside from the cute jar, this candle is a winner because of the heavenly lavender smell. I especially like to burn it in the evenings because lavender can help you fall asleep (but not before blowing out the candle, of course!). 

I can’t resist a beautiful candle vase. This Night-Scented Jasmine fragrance is inspired by “life in a remote Valencian village, where [you’re] surrounded by mountains, breathing in the clean and fresh air,” according to the brand. 

Again, I can’t resist a good holiday-themed candle. This soy wax candle smells like cozying up to a wood-burning fireplace.

This fab candle is made with coconut and apricot waxes and has wonderful essences of fir, pine, cedar, and patchouli.

Our EIC is a fan of this candle, which has notes of fresh marine, peony, jasmine, and musk. 

This porcelain goblet is almost as good as the scent itself, which smells like white flowers.

For the most discerning candle-lover in your life, this beauty has notes of vetiver and musk. 

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