10 Celebs Who Look Half Their Age and the 20 Beauty Products They Swear By

By now, you might have noticed we have a thing for A-list beauty rituals, especially the rituals of celebrities such as Sofía Vergara, Tracee Ellis Ross, January Jones, and Drew Barrymore, who seem to be aging in reverse (and who deserve their very own Benjamin Button reboot). What we love even more is that many of said celebs ever so kindly provide their favorite products, treatments, and anti-aging skin and hair regimens for us to immediately screenshot—whether it’s on IG or in an interview online.

Regardless of our source, we’ve accumulated a master list of Hollywood-approved serums, exfoliants, leave-in conditioners, and more that keep our favorite stars from showing any visible signs of aging. There’s nothing wrong with the aging process, of course, but considering the below 10 celebrities are all over 40 and look virtually half their ages, we’re enticed by their secrets to perpetual youthfulness. Curious to discover 20 holy-grail products celebs such as Gabrielle Union, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Aniston use on the regular? Keep scrolling! We’re spilling all the product tea ahead.

Since Aniston is still a relative newcomer to the world of Instagram, we have yet to see her share a lot of favorite product recs. (Here’s to hoping!) But to tide us over, the Aveeno ambassador has been vocal recently about the affordably priced skin- and bodycare formulas she relies on for her iconic toned and glowy aesthetic. According to Insider, Sunday is reserved as a spa day in the Aniston household, a ritual complete with Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Hydrating Facial (which Aniston leaves on overnight to reveal “dewy, glowing, twinkling” skin by morning) and the brand’s Skin Brightening Daily Scrub. 

Union is an overflowing fountain of beauty knowledge, and thanks to this article we found on Byrdie, we are now richer in product knowledge. For her glowing complexion, Union swears by Mirigal’s High Voltage Oil and a miraculous Oxygen Cream from Luzern.

Berry is always sharing her stealthy health, wellness, and beauty tips on Instagram, and for that, we’re sincerely grateful. We’ve seen her wax poetic about celebrity esthetician Olga Lorencin’s at-home facial, and she’s also been vocal about her love of rose water—Jurlique’s cult formula, specifically. (She actually prefers to use it to set her makeup.)

You might have seen that we’re a bit obsessed with Jones and her out-of-this-world beauty routine. Of course, we want to buy every bottle and elixir she posts to IG, but these glow-getters are at the top of our wish lists for the New Year. Here’s to healthier, dewier skin come 2021!

Oh, and we’re also very devoted to Barrymore. We’ve been smitten ever since E.T. and all the amazing beauty and fashion inspo she gave us in the ’90s. But now, we’re especially curious about the products she loves. And lucky for us, she’s always giving us the 411 on Instagram. 

There were a lot of highlights in 2019, but Vergara telling us her beauty routine was one of the most shining. We knew we loved her, but our admiration is all the more intense now that we know she loves Too Faced’s cult-classic mascara and La Mer as much as we do. 

It’s no secret Dern is one of the most talented actresses in the biz, and it’s also no secret she’s aged naturally and beautifully. (We would’ve never guessed she has surpassed 50!) Two skincare formulas she consistently wears on her face, according to Allure? True Botanicals’s Nutrient Mist and Renew Radiance Oil. (We’re snapping them up stat!)

It’s totally true. Not only can skin flags like sun damage, dullness, and fines lines age us, but they can also age our hair, too. In big industry news last year, Ross launched her very own haircare brand, Pattern, and we have to say Ross’s strands have never looked better. (See our full review of the line here.) Additionally, on the skincare front, the actress has been vocal about her devotion to Vintner’s Daughter’s glow icon, the Active Botanical Serum. As reported by Vogue, she once said it “made her want to be a better person.” 

The fact that the ageless J.Lo is 51 makes our heads spin. She never ceases to stump us as far as her skin perfection goes, but we can definitely attribute a few products to her iconic youthfulness. As we reported earlier last year, Lopez keeps notoriously mum about her exact regimen, but she has praised glycolic acid for clear, healthy skin, and we also happen to have intel that she sees famed dermatologist Harold Lancer in Beverly Hills. Oh, and as far as her ridiculously thick locks are concerned, her go-to hairstylist, Chris Appleton, uses this fan-favorite hair powder to bulk up her hairline. 

Last year brought very exciting beauty news with the launch of Victoria Beckham Beauty, but we’re still obsessed with stalking Posh’s IG grid and Stories for the latest and greatest skin elixirs she swears by for anti-aging. She’s unapologetically infatuated with Augustinus Bader’s iconic moisturizer, and we also know she loves this beautiful body oil from Osea.  

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