The 2021 Guide to the Best Black Purses, Period

I love bold colors and freaky trends just as much as the next girl, but there’s nothing that beats the practicality of a black bag. Black purses go with everything, are essentially seasonless, and are always worth the investment. Buying a black purse is something that you will never regret considering it really is one of the best building blocks for a fool-proof wardrobe. 

With that being said, designers and retailers alike are constantly churning out new handbags, so today, I am here to update you on the best selection of black purses, period. From the dreamiest Chanel bag to a cute ’90s shoulder bag you’ll never believe is from Amazon, I can guarantee there is something in here for everyone., you’ll see.  

The By Far bag everyone’s trying to get their hands on. 

Certainly one of the most identifiable bags of the season. 

Not to be biased, but I am obsessed with this handbag. 

This one needs no explanation. 

The ruching detail makes this look so expensive. 

And now, the bag everyone’s been waiting for. 

This handle is a work of art. 

Something about this one just really satisfies me. 

If you’re looking for a bag worth investing in, look no further. 

2D bags are where it’s at this season. 

Staud’s newest bags are truly perfect. 

She’s an icon. 

I know this is a story about black purses, but this bag comes in tons of other colors that are also worth checking out. 

A pillowy bag you’ll receive many compliments on. 

Yes, this one’s only $39. 

The lengthier straps on this one feel extra-special. 

It doesn’t get much more stunning than this. 

Oh, you’ve never bought a bag on Amazon before? Now’s your chance. 

Will knotted bags be the next big trend? Time will tell. 

Adorable beyond belief. 

An approachable bag you’ll have for years to come. 

Everyone’s favorite. 

This pleated leather is a major vibe. 

My jaw is still on the floor from how stunning this one is. 

Elegant and iconic. 

This subtle contrast stitching gets me every time. 

When Proenza drops a new bag, you better pay attention. 

The bag every fashion girl loves to show off on Instagram. 

The perfect spring bag if you ask me. 

The more logos, the better. 

I wanted to end on a high note, sue me.  Next up, from the runway to Instagram, these models are changing history.