In Defense of Side Bangs: Here’s Photographic Evidence the Style Isn’t Dead

Leave it to the internet to wage war on our most beloved beauty trends. First, Tik Tok declared the good ol’ concealer triangle completely uncool. (In all fairness, we’re ready to let that go, too.) But then, side parts came under fire, and with them, our beloved side bangs. How can this be? Side bangs are widely accepted as the most flattering style for every face shape and forehead length, not to mention their uncanny ability to conceal overgrown roots and scraggly lengths. To put it plainly, side bangs aren’t just pretty, they’re useful, too.

In return for their decades of loyal service, it’s only right that we step in to defend them now and take a firm stance on this polarizing subject. We’re pro-side bangs in this house! And we’re not just being stubborn, either. We actually believe the classic style still has legs. But don’t just take our word for it. Ahead, find 25 of our favorite examples of side bangs in all their glory. Scroll on to see the proof and prepare to re-commit.

Zoë’s micro-bangs look so chic all the time, but especially when pushed to the side.

The subtle side part in Lupita’s curly coif make for the perfect, subtle bangs.

These bangs have a slight bend in them so they look even better swept to the side.

There’s nothing like a loosely curled tendril to add the most elegant touch to any hairstyle.

Kris is the queen of the power pixie and always finishes her hair with piecey side bangs. Iconic.

This smooth side bang is giving major ’90s vibes.

So much yes to Dua Lipa’s pseudo side bangs. Just flip your bob to one side and you can get the look, too.

Tessa demonstrates how to get a similar look with box braids. Just gorgeous.

The only thing better than coily bangs are coily, side-swept bangs like Kerry’s.

Kate’s new haircut is really doing it for us, especially those built-in bangs.

Rowan’s shaggy bangs are so perfect, even when pinned back with dainty hair clips.

These vintage-looking bangs may or may not be clip-ins, but either way, they’re so good.

These tousled bangs give Bella’s cropped wig some serious edge.

These long, layered bangs are timeless.

Loose, cascading curls are so pretty, too.

Here, Vanessa demonstrates how to up the ante on a sleek side bang moment with a face-hugging bump.

These side bangs plus all that volume are a recipe for success.

We’re living for this retro-inspired high-ponytail and smooth swoop, courtesy of our girl Ashley. 

Side-swept beach waves are always a vibe.

Even with eye-brow grazing bangs, a side-swept moment coupled with beachy waves just never gets old.

Curly bangs give us life, especially when they lean to one side like Yara’s.

Still recovering from Kristen’s undone, textured bangs. From cut to color, it’s all working.

Riri got it right with this mod look, complete with a flip and side-swoop.

See? Side bangs are hot girl-approved.

Miley’s edgy texture is so cool, right down to the effortless sweep of her fringe. Up next, The 10 Hair Trends Fashion Girls Are Already Jumping on for Spring