‘Sweetie Pie’ Actor Tim Norman Pleads Not Guilty In Murder-For-Hire Case

James Timothy Norman, star from OWN TV’s Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, pleaded not guilty to charges in connection to a murder for hire case, which resulted in his nephew’s death.

Norman is charged in the 2016 plot to murder Andre Montgomery Jr.

Norman’s defense attorney John Rogers is fighting for the actor to be released on bail, arguing that he is not a likely flight risk and should be released to stay with his mother.

Prosecutors said the nature of the crime, the volume of evidence in the case and Norman’s criminal record should require he be held until trial.

Prosecutors allege Norman paid co-defendant Terica Taneisha Ellis about $10,000 to lure Andre Montgomery onto Natural Bridge Avenue, where he was killed. Ellis is a former stripper who allegedly used to sleep with Norman. Norman told Ellis he wanted to find Montgomery to confront him about $200,000 in cash that had been stolen from Robbie Montgomery’s home, according to the cops.

Norman is also accused of taking out $450,000 in life insurance policies on his nephew in 2014, making himself the sole beneficiary. He tried to collect on the policies after the murder but did not receive any insurance money.

Ellis and Norman were both indicted by a federal grand jury this summer on charges of conspiracy to commit murder for hire, or murder for hire resulting in death. Norman also faces an additional charge of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud.