Rapper Pooh Shiesty Arrested For Double Shooting!!

Rapper Pooh Shiesty, one of Gucci Mane’s artists, has been arrested in connection with a shooting in Bay Harbor Islands that left two men hospitalized.

One of the victims said they had met Shiesty at the location to sell the rapper a pair of Air Jordan 4 shoes. The second victim said he met with the rapper to sell him some weed and receive a payment for a lime green McClaren they had rented to him, the police report said.

One of the victims said he was speaking with the rapper in his car when two men got out of another vehicle and approached the car with guns. Shiesty told the alleged victim him to get out of the car before shooting him in the butt. The second alleged victim says he heard two shots and fell to the ground.

He was walking to his car.

“Victim 2 stated that he turned and looked at Pooh Shiesty who was in the driver’s side of the McClaren and Pooh Shiesty pointed an assault rife at him and said ‘Don’t try it, don’t try it,’ before driving away,” the report said.

Shiesty allegedly fled the scene in the McClaren but left behind a Louis Vuitton bag full of cash. The rapper had been flashing the bag full of ash on his Instagram account — so cops were able to link it to him.

He was later arrested and his bail was set for $30,000.