Southside Wants To Fight Kodak Black

Producer Southside has said that he wants to shoot the fade with Kodak Black after fans accused him of being scared of the rapper.

“Yak, you still a bitch,” he said. “We can bump, too. I’ll be back in Miami in a week. Pull up wherever, we can bump. Don’t bring no security,” he says in the clip.

He later adds, “These n*ggas is not in the trenches everyday. I know them n*ggas you running around with. Them n*ggas some hos, bruh.”

 Kodak Black recently appeared on Instagram Live and mentioned Yung Miami, and wrote her government name in the comments. Kodak used to date Yung Miami, who is now dating Southside, who is also the father of her son.


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Just last week, Southsaide’s own father dragged him on social media. He accused the producer of being a liar and of assaulting his sister as well as sending people to kill his father (allegedly.) Southside denied his father’s allegations against him.