Quando Rondo Disses King Von During Virtual Show!!

Rapper Quando Rondo threw a low blow during a recent virtual concert — dissing deceased rapper, King Von.

“He got caught without that pole and now that bitch ass n*gga gone … I’ll piss on his grave!” he says in the clip making its rounds online.

Just last week, King Von’s alleged killer, Lil Tum, was let out on bail.

King Von’s manager, Track, had previously stated that he did not want Von’s killer to remain behind bars.


Quando Rondo Goes Live On IG After Police Cancels His Show (; 1:04)

“Honest truth, I wouldn’t wish jail on my worst enemies. That’s just how I am, how I’m built. Honest truth, I could care — that’s his situation and he gotta deal with it,” he said in an interview with DJ Vlad. “That’s his team. Whatever’s going on with them, that’s on them. Me, personally, I know what I’m dealing with losing my brother and his family and just making sure we keep everything going. I don’t really think or even consider what’s going on on that side. That’s for them to figure out what they got going on.”