Simone Biles Shares Her Dream Date With Zac Efron & What Their Nickname Would Be

A girl can always dream! Simone Biles is giving her fantasy future with Zac Efron some thought.

The Olympic darling is the latest star to take part in Vogue’s “73 Questions” segment, revealing what her ideal date with the “Baywatch” heartthrob would be.

“Breakfast on the beach,” she said, while preparing for practice at her parents’ gym in Texas. 

As for her and Zac’s couples’ nickname, a la “Brangelina,” the 19-year-old appeared to ponder the notion for a moment before presenting a logical-sounding choice.

“Zimone,” she offered. 

In real life, Simone is dating fellow gymnast Arthur Nory Mariano – but she hasn’t been shy about her innocent affection for Zac. When asked about the cardboard cutout of Zac she keeps in her bedroom, Simone told Access Hollywood’s Natalie Morales in August that the reasons behind her crush are rather simple.

“I just think he’s really hot. I just like Zac Efron’s face,” she said. “And he has a good body!”

However, she soon upgraded to the real thing when the actor himself traveled to Rio to meet Simone and her Final Five teammates in person.

So which other Hollywood A-listers are on Simone’s radar?

Zendaya, for one. In addition to telling the mag that the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” star is the “most famous person” following her on Twitter, Simone also revealed to Access Hollywood‘s Scott Evans in August that she’d like Zendaya to portray her in a movie one day.

And, she’s also hoping to meet a certain Oscar winner due to something unique they have in common.

“Jennifer Lawrence, because we both fell down the stairs,” Simone told Vogue with a smile.

Watch Simone’s full “73 Questions” clip below: 

— Erin Biglow