Lupita Nyong'o's New “Vogue” Cover Will Give You So Much Life

1. Sure, they say September’s the ~big~ Vogue cover, but after seeing the glory that is Lupita Nyong’o on next month’s Vogue, it might be time to embrace October as the iconic month.

3. Nyong’o tweeted a cute video this morning of the first time she saw the cover herself.

4. She also made this video with the publication, and it’s full of gems – like Nyong’o’s mom, Dorothy, teaching her how to make ugali.

5. For her cover story, writer Elizabeth Rubin and photographer Mario Testino followed Nyong’o to her family home in Kisumu, Kenya, where she was basically iconic all over the place AS USUAL.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

(You can see more images of Lupita in Vogue here.)

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