People Can't Believe Mel Gibson Is Starring In A Movie About Police Brutality

1. It was announced this week that Hacksaw Ridge director Mel Gibson and co-star Vince Vaughn are teaming up again for another film called, Dragged Across Concrete.

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2. According to The Hollywood Reporter, which broke the news on Wednesday, Dragged Across Concrete centers on an old-timer police officer (Gibson) and his “volatile” partner (Vaughn) who are “suspended when a video of their strong-arm tactics become the media’s cause du jour.”

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“Low on cash and with no other options, these two embittered soldiers descend into the criminal underworld to gain their just due,” THR’s description continues. “But instead find far more than they wanted awaiting them in the shadows.”

4. So, when the announcement came about Dragged Across Concrete, a lot of people were really pissed.

Hey Hollywood here’s a tip – stop with the half-baked, alabaster takes on police brutality. We don’t want it.

— Rebecca Theodore (@FilmFatale_NYC)


— El Flaco (@bomani_jones)

8. Some expressed frustration over how Hollywood seems to have forgiven Gibson, whose movie was nominated for six Oscars this year, including Best Director.

Still cant get over hollywood really letting Mel Gibson back at the lunch table

— e.benes lite (@SoAnxious_mp3)


— Casey ➰ (@Jays_Lizard)

@DEZTRANADA I see Hollywood has forgotten about Mel Gibson’s anti semitism as well as planning that shit show of a movie…

— 🍃🌫️ ❄Lamhfada 🍁🍂 (@Lamhfada)

So Hollywood continues to just ignore the fact that Mel Gibson is anti-semitic. When will actors grow a pair & do what’s right??!! 😠😠

— Ashley (@Sasshley77)

12. Dragged Across Concrete director S. Craig Zahler told Variety he’s “thrilled” to have Gibson and Vaughn starring in the film.

Dragged Across Concrete is best suited to my goal of making a heartfelt, surprising, sad, funny, shocking, and memorable world with multiple viewpoints. As is often the case in my novels and screenplays, the protagonists are in perilous circumstances against which they struggle in different and surprising —though logical — ways. I am absolutely thrilled to have Mel and Vince agree to play the lead roles.”

13. Representatives for Gibson and Vaughn did not immediately reply to BuzzFeed News’s requests for comments on the response to the film.

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