People Are Using The “Ghost In The Shell” Meme-Maker In The Most Savage Way

1. Last week, Paramount Pictures launched #IAmMajor, a social media effort aiming to drum up excitement for Ghost in the Shell, the studio’s upcoming adaptation of the popular anime franchise.

2. The controversial project provoked months of backlash and accusations of “whitewashing” after it was announced Scarlett Johansson would play the film’s protagonist, who is Japanese in the source material.

The film’s official Twitter page featured a promotional image of Johansson as her character, The Major, as her voiceover explains, “I am hunted. I am the hunter. I am Major.”

3. The tweet included a link to a meme generator, via which fans can upload a photo and caption responding to the question, “What makes you unique?”

Paramount Pictures

4. Quickly after launch, some people began using the meme-maker to call out Paramount for casting a white actor as the lead in a beloved Japanese property.

I Am White. I Am Appropriated. #IAmMajor

— Pink Veronica 🏳️‍🌈 (@riotgrrlriot)


— A.K. (@adrienne_kt)

#IAmMajor The Real Major.
5 Real Japanese actresses who should be Major in #GhostInTheShell.

— Jigme (@JigmeUgen)

[email protected]

— 🛌Tina🥄 (@Nice_White_Lady)


— 🛌Tina🥄 (@Nice_White_Lady)


— Zwei (@ZweiXross)

im bored so i made some memes in the ghost in the shell website

— bee (@shellheads)

@ValerieComplex @JennLi123

— David Lo Pun-ch Nazi (@helpmeskeletor)


— Kayla/Marie (@Maria_Giesela)

18. Paramount Pictures did not respond to BuzzFeed News’ request for a comment.

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