Our Editors Are Shopping Experts—25 Things I Bought Because They Told Me To

It’s no secret that our editors are shopping experts. Putting together the hundreds of stories we publish weekly means that we shop (like, a lot) so we can constantly bring you the coolest picks from around the internet. In fact, one of my favorite steps in my morning routine (aside from coffee) is sitting down to thumb through each of my fellow editors’ stories on our homepage and more often than not I find myself adding things to my cart that they’ve recommended.

I actually keep tabs on my favorites by hitting the heart icon on the product images when I’m scrolling through the site. (P.s. if you’re not already part of The List, you can sign up to tap into our favorites feature and start saving to the products you like, too.) I got to thinking recently that a not-insignificant portion of my latest buys have been influenced by items I’ve spotted in Who What Wear stories, and I figured I’d share. Scroll down to see everything in my personal favorites list that I’ve been influenced to try thanks to our editors.

Lauren suggested this is the perfect throw-on dress for running errands, and I couldn’t agree more. Spotted in: I’m Hunting for the Perfect Spring Dress—Here Are 28 That Impressed Me the Most by Lauren Eggertsen

Next-level New Balances. Spotted in: 38 Trendy Updates I’m Shopping to Wear With My Basics This Summer by Allyson Payer

My sweatpants could never. Spotted in: I Wear Streetwear Every Dang Day—I’m All About These 6 Trends Right Now by Banna Girmay

The rumors are true: Coach is making a massive comeback right now. This puffy pink Tabby is the latest It bag to influence me. Spotted in: I Already Own Several Pink Purses, But I Have My Eyes on These Ones by Jasmine Fox-Suliaman

This relaxed fit is very right now. Spotted in: I’m Basically a Professional Nordstrom Shopper—35 Finds I’m Freaking Over by Lauren Eggertsen

Making plans just so I have an excuse to take this top out. Spotted in: The 9 Key Elements of My Post-Lockdown Wardrobe by Allyson Payer

The corduroy collar really makes this feel like a vintage find. Spotted in: I’m Trading In My Bulky Winter Layers For A Trench Coat–and These 24 Are A1 by Indya Brown

Lime green is about to be the It color of the summer and this is how I plan to partake. Spotted in: All I Have to Say About These New Zara Items Is “OMG” by Lauren Eggertsen

Just wait until you see the back. Spotted in: 12 Pretty Tops Fashion Girls Are Wearing With Their Jeans This Spring by Judith Jones

Absolutely stunning. Spotted in: 25 Cool Finds I’m Obsessing Over Right Now by Kristen Nichols

I let out an audible “yes” when I laid eyes on this skirt. Spotted in: I Shop All Day for a Living—These Are the 28 Coolest Things I’ve Seen This Month by Lauren Eggersten

How—and I repeat, how—are these chic mules only $35? Spotted in: 25 Cool Finds I’m Obsessing Over Right Now by Kristen Nichols

You say shirt, I say swimsuit coverup. Spotted in: The 4 Types of Swimsuit Cover-Ups Every Fashion Girl Owns by Erin Fitzpatrick

Corset tops are taking over and this wallet-friendly version is just right. Spotted in: 7 Ways to Turn Spring’s Biggest Trends Into Comfortable Outfits by Indya Brown

I mean, it would honestly be rude to pass on this. I had no other choice. Spotted in: The Biggest Swim Trend of 2021 Has Arrived, and I Have Thoughts About It by Kristen Nichols

Cool carryalls like this have become a top priority in my closet since moving to NYC. Spotted in: These 25 Items Look Expensive, But the Low Price Will Make You Do a Double-Take by Adrienne Faurote

And rake in the compliments these certainly will. Spotted in: 26 Pieces of Stunning Sculptural Jewelry That Will Rake in Compliments by Caitlin Burnett

I’ll take these trousers and their outfit idea, thank you very much. Spotted in: 7 Ways to Turn Spring’s Biggest Trends Into Comfortable Outfits by Indya Brown

These have lingered in my Nordstrom cart ever since I read Allyson’s story. Spotted in: These Trendy Nordstrom Sale Finds Are All Under $75 by Allyson Payer

As Yusra put it, this top is a work of art. Spotted in: I Have Expensive Taste But a Tight Budget—25 Spring Buys I Approve Of by Yusra Siddiqui

Naturae Sacra’s bags are on a different level. Spotted in: 24 Under-The-Radar Fashion Items I’m Low-Key Itching to Buy by Indya Brown

Summer is coming—and I’m prepping my closet accordingly. Spotted in: 37 Wardrobe Staples You Won’t Regret Buying From Shopbop’s Massive Spring Sale by Bobby Schuessler

Another summer staple I’m stocking up on. Spotted in: Wait, This Tank Top Is $14 But Looks Super Expensive by Bobby Schuessler

Why, yes, those are mermaids printed in a rainbow hue. Spotted in: 42 Things to Buy From Shopbop, Zara, and Net-a-Porter by Lauren Eggertsen

Midriff floss, as it were. Spotted in: I Took a Deep Dive Into H&M’s New Arrivals—Here’s What’s Poppin’ by Yusra Siddiqui

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