7 TikTok-Famous Makeup Trends I’m Probably Too Old for But Still Want to Try

In case you hadn’t noticed, TikTok has taken over. The mega-popular social media app is unlike any other pocket of the internet in that it houses content and asserts influence over just about every topic under the sun. Interested in astrology? There are creators handing gout cosmic readings left and right. Looking to update your living room? There are countless interior designers offering tips on how to do it. But the TikTok beauty community is the real MVP if you ask me. It’s the craziest mashup of pros and novices swatching and sharing and creating what can only be described as makeup magic and causing the products deemed elite to sell out in mere minutes.

As an elder millennial who spent more time than I care to admit pouring over YouTube makeup tutorials in high school and college, I’m here to tell you that the TikTok makeup masters are a special breed, and the trends they’re inspiring are so fun. Ahead, get a rundown on the seven most viral TikTok makeup trends everyone is talking about I’m dying to try even though I’m a little older than the Gen Z cuties responsible for some of them. From new takes on contouring to a 2016 throwback challenge that has us all reliving our favorite outdated makeup rituals, these trends are seriously fun. Keep scrolling for more

If you thought the monochromatic makeup movement would remain limited to matching lids, cheeks, and lips forever, think again. A new trend of using concealer and loose pigment to tint falsies in fantastical hues to match or complement winged eyeliner or eye shadow looks has taken hold. It might sound wild, but as you can see in the below TikTok, it actually looks so cool. I’m taking bets on which fashion house will have models strutting down the runway in neon lashes next season. Chromat, maybe?

As a beauty editor, I’m acutely aware of the overwhelming number of new makeup items brands launch on a weekly basis. There’s a ton of stuff constantly vying for our attention. Even still, there are certain picks so good that they capture everyone’s attention all at once and quickly ascend to cult status. Over the last few weeks, KVD Vegan Beauty Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm ($38), Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint ($30), and Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter ($44) have done just that.

If there’s makeup content populating your FYP, you’ve no doubt seen at least a dozen swatch tests of these complexion products. And while the first two products are new to the market, the Charlotte Tilbury product is an older one, proving that all it takes is a vote of confidence from the TikTok beauty community to make a product take off.

Sure, contouring is cool, but have you ever done so by drawing dozens of tiny squares filled with different colors on your face? No? Me neither. If I’m being totally honest, this looks wild. The jury’s still out on whether this method actually works or if it just looks interesting, but either way, I can’t swipe past a demonstration. It’s fascinating.

In case you didn’t know, the TikTok girlies have figured out yet another method to fake the look of fuller lips. Instead of using a painful suction cup (remember when that was a thing?) or even opting for tingly, plumping gloss, a new trend has emerged wherein creators take a brown contour shade and outline their lips before blending it out, along with the rest of their contour. The result, as you can see below, is pouty, voluminous-looking lips. 

TikTok has been re-spinning blush for a long time now, but recently, more and more placement options have emerged for slimming, elongating, and creating all sorts of face shape illusions. If you thought patting blush into your nose was a wild notion, just wait until you see the compelling side-by-side comparisons of adding it to the apex of your cheekbones versus the hollows. Liquid blush seems to be the formulation of choice, likely due to the precision in which it can be applied to the face.

According to TikTok, faux freckles are here to stay. The trend has been surging in the beauty world for a couple of years now, but their constant appearance in TikTok makeup looks proves that your investment in a dedicated freckle pen won’t be in vein.

Now, this one’s fun. If you feel like your makeup routine has changed drastically over the last few years, you aren’t alone. In fact, makeup creators are taking to TikTok to show just how much, by carrying out their 2016 makeup routine on one side of their faces and their 2021 makeup routine on the other side to show the stark shifts. The most common updates? Dewier skin, less under-eye concealer, softer brows, and more natural-looking lashes.

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