NAACP Won’t Accept Morgan Wallen’s Repeated Apologies

Chelsea Handler has a simple answer for straight white men fed up with Cancel Culture.

Just apologize, and meant it, and you’ll be forgiven. Tell that to Morgan Wallen.

The country music star was caught using the “n-word” in a private conversation earlier this year. He didn’t use it with any malice, nor did he aim the word at a person of color.

That context hardly helped. Wallen got ex-communicated from the country music industry. Radio stations swore off his music. His label suspended him. Awards shows wouldn’t let him appear.

One word, spoken in private, all but crushed his career. Only his fans rallied to his side, spiking his streaming music sales as his professional world collapsed.

Wallen apologized immediately after the video in question went public. He also checked into a rehab facility to deal with drinking issues. He’s been as open, and blunt, as humanly possible about his attempt to grow from the experience.

He apologized anew during a new ABC interview.

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Except a prominent group isn’t ready to forgive and forget.

Nashville NAACP President Sheryl Guinn heard the ABC exchange and came away thinking Wallen simply wants his career back, nothing more. Guinn said Wallen flexed his “white privilege” in the discussion, aghast he didn’t give the word’s impact more thought.

Wallen had planned to meet with the Nashville branch of the liberal civil rights group but that meeting didn’t happen. He did meet with members of the Black Music Action Coalition, a group dedicated to addressing so-called systemic racism.

He also donated a half million dollars to organizations like BMAC.

Now, Guinn says the only way for Wallen to be forgiven-forgiven is to flex his celebrity flout to expose racial inequality, promote the COVID-19 vaccine and speak out against so-called voter suppression.

In short, she wants Wallen to become the next Jimmy Fallon, an activist for the progressive movement.

That’s bullying, not forgiveness. Wallen’s attempt at building his career back proves Handler’s argument about apologies doesn’t hold water.

There’s more, though.

Breitbart News’ John Nolte rightly pointed out the different treatment Wallen received as compared to Hunter Biden. The president’s troubled son also has used the “n-word,” yet he hasn’t been forced to apologize or been “cancelled” in any way.

His art career is thriving despite its serious ethical questions.

That’s how you know this attempt at re-educating Wallen isn’t as sincere as some may suggest.

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