Katie Holmes Wore Every Fashion Person’s Favorite Revealing Trend

Katie Holmes, queen of low-key trends, just wore a high-key trend in a very low-key way. And this is why everyone is obsessed with what she wears. She can pull anything off. The trend in question is cut-outs and they’re wildly popular this summer. I basically shop for a living and I come across cut-out pieces on practically every shopping site I peruse (of which there are many).

While walking around NYC recently, as she often does, Holmes wore a crop top with a long white skirt with cut-outs at the waist (!), and her signature black leather Birkenstocks. Based on my Instagram which includes many a fashion person wearing cut-out items these days, this outfit is sure to have plenty of fans. If you count yourself as one of them, scroll to shop the cut-out trend for yourself via the likes of Zara, Nordstrom, Mango, Jacquemus, and many more. 

On Katie Holmes: Birkenstock shoes

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