My 54-Year-Old Mom and I Constantly Swap Outfit Ideas—30 Finds We Agreed On

Shopping with your mom isn’t most people’s idea of fun, but it’s practically a ritual for my mom and me. Our personal styles couldn’t be more different from each other, but we can both appreciate a well-made garment and Saint Laurent, and that’s enough to keep our chain of text messages filled with outfit ideas. While my tastes skew edgy with a hint of downtown cool, my mom prefers bohemian pieces and hues of every color of the rainbow. Her go-to stores include Anthropologie and J.Crew, while I spend hours browsing through Zara and Aritzia.

Exchanging links to new arrivals and viral trends is part of our daily communication, so I thought I’d share the latest batch of fall fashion that satisfies our contrasting tastes. We took a look through Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, H&M, and more, finally settling on 30 items that appeal from a millennial to a Gen-Xer. Just a fair warning: you’ll likely end up swapping clothes with your mom. 

First things first: a sweater is on both of our shopping lists. We both are into the versatile color and generous price point.

I’ve been trying to convince my mom to embrace sweetheart necklines, and so far she’s been game.

This color hasn’t left our brains.

It’s even better with the matching pants. 

The beauty of a blazer like this is that anyone from 20 to 50 can pull this off effortlessly.

As simple as these are, the real selling point was the walkable heel height.

I’ve been off florals for a bit, but my mom put me onto this and it’s now in my cart.

Styled with sneakers or boots, a dress like this won’t steer you wrong.

While the stripes feel timeless, the wide sleeves are a dash of trendy.

I think we both own about 10 knit dresses each. This color is simply stunning.

Plisse is one of those things that works for any age, in any occupation.

When you love baggy trousers and your mother is a fan of slim silhouettes, here’s your happy medium.

Retro-inspired sneakers are a big trend, but they also happen to adapt easily into most wardrobes.

A high-waist, wide-leg is unanimously flattering. 

Chic chic chic.

A coat that means business.

Flats are having a comeback, which means both of our feet are screaming with joy.

Gold earrings make everything look better.

I feel like I should be in Nice wearing this.

Here’s a top that can be modified depending on your mood—button up and tied for a conservative look, or worn unfastened for a breezy, relaxed vibe.

My mom instilled in me the power of a good sweater.

Everyone loves a jumpsuit.

This cropped length is unique and fun.

Loaded with cut-outs I definitely suggested this to my mom first—she ended up loving it too.

I love the print, my mom loves the modest length.

Some gorgeous pants to add to the plisse blitz.

These lean trendy without overdoing it.

We’re ready for an ear party.

Just imagine this clutch with a pair of puddle pants. And there you have the makings of a perfect outfit.

Cool without being juvenile.

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