I Gathered The Evidence—These 8 It Items Are Taking Over Fall 2022

It feels like fall has been well under way, but I keep reminding myself that we’re still several weeks from the official start of the season (shocking, I know). At least I know I’m not the only one whose mind is existing in the future because whenever I open my Instagram feed these days, it’s filled with everything fall fashion: leather jackets, maxi dresses and denim abound in the digital realm. So while it’s still a bit early to be making blanket fashion-item predictions for the season ahead, I’ve done enough research to name a few frontrunners.

Based on my screen time and experience with spotting It items, I’ve landed on eight fashion buys that I predict will be the must-haves everyone will be after this fall. Some pieces like Miu Miu’s satin ballet flats are already cult popular while other new buys like the cargo pants from The Frankie Shop are earlier contenders with a lot of potential. I’ve vetted each of the below based on the insiders who’ve worn them and the trends they align with, so keep reading to see the photographic evidence I’ve gathered and shop my list of fall It items below.

Based on the popularity of Miu Miu’s 2016-era ballet flats—the ones with the lace-up ties and tough buckle straps—the brand’s fall 2022 re-editions were brimming with It item potential. Sure enough, what felt like the very minute they became available to shop we noticed the pretty satin pairs popping up on the feeds of cool girls across the internet. 

We named heavy-duty leather jackets in our fall/winter 2022 trend report after spotting them in a number of the collections. But when it comes to what the style set is reaching for IRL, no topper comes close to the popularity of Prada’s distressed leather jacket. It features a slouchy unisex fit, clean and simple hardware and a distressed effect that makes it appear like a jacket you borrowed from your dad’s ’90s archive. 

I’m here to confirm that cargo pants are continuing into the fall, thanks in part to the latest iteration from The Frankie Shop. I always keep an eye on this brand because their modern wardrobe staples are always favored by fashion insiders and lately I’ve noticed an uptick in cool girls wearing their Hailey cargo pants, a relaxed pair with pockets of varying sizes.

Animal prints make a comeback every few years, but right now, zebra print is really having a moment.  Over the past few weeks, this pattern has popped up all over our Instagram feeds, specifically this printed dress from Réalisation Par. Fashion aficionados will remember the time when everyone and their sister owned that Réalisation leopard-print skirt, or at least an inspired version of it. The 2022 version seems to be a zebra-print dress, and we don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. 

Balenciaga accessories continue to dominate our feeds, from the Le Cagole bags to the homonymous boots. The next in line for Instagram virality? The brand’s futuristic wrap sunglasses which have already earned favor among celebs like Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa and even earned a (pretty good) Amazon dupe. No matter your feelings on sporty sunglasses, the Balenciaga pair indicates that the trend is here to stay.

It’s always exciting to see a small independent brand blow up and earn fashion’s sought-after stamp of approval. The latest under-the-radar label to earn A-list attention is Fancì Club.  Made responsibly in Vietnam from dead stock and local materials, their soft ruffled dresses evoke the early 2000s in a fresh and modern way and have been worn by the likes of Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Elsa Hosk.

Next, see which fall trends our editors are prioritizing (and which we’re skipping).