Meredith Marks: ‘RHOSLC’ Saved My Marriage!!

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks is claiming that the show, coupled with the pandemic, saved her marriage.

“I think I’m probably the only one in the world who can say ‘Housewives,’ coupled with COVID, saved my marriage,” she told Page Six.

“I think had [the pandemic] happened six months prior, it would have ended in divorce,” she said. “But because we had gone through this whole process, both in our marital therapy and the process of ‘Housewives’ — which really forced us to communicate in ways that we really had just been avoiding and denying — we were at a place already by the time that COVID hit, where we were actually really communicating with each other well and understanding and respecting each other’s feelings, which had not been the case for years.”


RHOSLC Trailer (; 1:01)

Meredith says she advises anybody thinking about getting married to have therapy before they head down the aisle.

The Housewives franchise has been the cause of many breakups in the past.