Kris Jenner Hit w/ ‘Two New Allegations’ Of Sexual Assault From Ex-Bodyguard!!

Kris Jenner will face two brand new allegations of sexual misconduct and “racist” behavior towards her ex-security guard. 

He will be filing the new allegations on Wednesday, according to The Sun.

Last year, Marc McWilliams claimed that he was “subject to a pattern of unwanted and unwelcome sexual advances” while working for Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian. 

McWilliams said he worked for Kris and Kourtney in 2017 and claimed the inappropriate behavior began in May.

Mc Williams alleged Kris made comments “of an overt sexual nature” toward McWilliams, allegedly remarking on his physical appearance, asking about his sex life and suggesting they “engage in a romantic and sexual relationship.” He said in May, Kris initiated “non-consensual physical contact,” despite his “repeatedly” complaining to his employer, David Shield Security. He also alleged she made “lewd suggestive, sexual, sexist, racist, homophobic and otherwise discriminatory comments at him and his co-workers.”

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He says Kris suspended him in September but he went on to work for Kourtney until he was let go.


Kris & Kylie Jenner At The Zoo (; 1:00)

Kris denies the assault.

“Kris categorically denies ever behaving inappropriately toward Marc McWilliams. The security guard worked outside the house and he never even went into Kris’ house,” her attorney Marty Singer told TMZ in a statement. “Kris had very little interaction with him. After the guard was repeatedly caught sleeping in his car while on the job, the security company was asked not to assign him to work there in the future.”