Last Night's “Jeopardy!” Teen Tournament Finale Was Actually Insane

1. ICYMI, Jeopardy!’s Teen Tournament has been going on for the past two weeks, and it’s been filled with highlights.

Sabrina Duong got a TON of fans with her meme-y Final Jeopardy response in the quarterfinals.

2. A teen competition may seem silly, but it’s actually the most entertaining Jeopardy! tournament. I mean hi, remember Leonard “I just won $75,000” Cooper?

3. Or the TIE-BREAKER question that decided the winner two years ago?

Still biting my nails, TBH.

4. Anyway, last night was the second part of this year’s finale, and honestly, it was anyone’s game among the final three contestants Michael, Sharath, and Alec.

In the two-part finale, final dollar amounts from the first game are added to the totals at the end of the second game to determine a winner.

5. The young lads advanced to the finals over 12 other hopeful teens thanks to their smarts, lightning-quick buzzer skills, and a little dose of drama.

6. By Final Jeopardy, the $100,000 prize was in reach, and, of course, all three of the guys got the correct answer. What happened next was INSANE.

8. That’s right — Sharath, the winner, clinched first place by one freaking dollar.

Basically, Sharath remembered everyone’s dollar totals from the day before, and strategically wagered so that he could beat Alec by $1, if they both got Final Jeopardy correct. It’s not an unheard-of strategy, but it is incredibly exciting, if it works.

9. Needless to say, people on Twitter were psyched about Sharath’s stealth win.

12. Anyway, Alec went home with $50,000, and Michael got $25,000, so they were all winners in their own ways .

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