KJ Apa Is Starring In A New Netflix Movie And I Cannot Contain Myself

Fans of romance! The time has come. Netflix finally dropped the trailer for its newest ~teen romance~, The Last Summer.

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I live for Netflix’s summer romance releases. It’s what keeps me going from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The movie follows four — insanely beautiful — friends during their summer before they leave for college. Griffin (KJ Apa) and Phoebe (Maia Mitchell) seem to be caught in a will-they-won’t-they scenario, while Alec (Jacob Latimore) and Erin (Halston Sage) struggle with maintaining their friendship after their breakup.


So much beauty in one friend group. Wow.

To be quite honest, the trailer doesn’t give much away — which is atypical of trailers these days — but I was able to piece together a couple o’ things:

Griffin obvs loves music, but he’s going to school for business because it’s the practical thing to do, and Phoebe keeps pushing him to ~follow this dreams~.


Do I smell a Riverdale parallel here?

Also, Erin starts a lil’ fling with an LA Cubs baseballer, played by none other than Tyler Posey, much to Alec’s chagrin.


I smell a love triangle!

And, even though we only have snippets of the plot, we know we’re gonna get a boatload of GOOD TEEN CONTENT:

We got KJ Apa with brown hair!


Let’s face it, KJ looks good with in ANY hair color.

We got a ~sporty~ meet-cute!


Take me out to the ball game, ammirite??

We got Tyler Posey in multiple cars!


Sweet rides.

And we got teen lovers jumping off of a dock!


Into the sunset? Into the unknown? Only time will tell!

This teen-romance-aficionado is hereby excited for this film to come out! Be sure to tune into Netflix on May 3 to see this cute as heck teen summer romance flick. I am already counting down the days.