Kim Kardashian Shares Tell-All List: When Did She Know Kanye Was The One?

Kim Kardashian West has spilled a few new secrets!

In a list posted to her official website on Thursday, the reality star shared 20 facts about herself the average person would never know.

The detailed collection included personal quirks, like her hatred of mustard and Starbucks cup sleeves, a habit of cracking her hands every morning, and the compulsion to keep a cuticle cutter nearby at all times.

Kim also revealed she has a freckle on her eyeball and a total of six body piercings, but didn’t cite the lip ring she’s been sporting in recent social media snaps.

As for her fears, Kim admitted that she’s terrified of heights – but only after having gone skydiving when she was 20! According to the mom of two, there is something about her which frightens others, though. The 36-year-old wrote that she sleeps with her eyes “slightly open” and “it scares the s*** out of people.”

Kim included tidbits about her loved ones, too.

In addition to learning that Kim and sister Kourtney shared a Spanish class together in high school, fans might also be surprised to learn when she realized now-husband Kanye West was The One. Turns out, it had more to do with temperature than chemistry!

“I love only hot rooms and hate when the air conditioning is on,” she wrote. “I knew Kanye and I were meant to be when I slept over and he had the heat on.”

Kim’s post is the latest example of her return to the public eye, following a weeks-long break after her Paris robbery in October. Now, she seems ready to take on new hobbies as well. On Wednesday, Kim tweeted that she’s starting a book club with pals Chrissy Teigen and Jen Atkin. 

— Erin Biglow