Has Ciara Been Dropping Hints That She's Having Twins?

2. Then Beyoncé broke the internet (again) by announcing she’s pregnant with twins.

3. Now, could Ciara and Russell Wilson could be next? Hear me out…

The couple announced they were having a baby in October on Ciara’s birthday.

4. In December, Ciara posted this on her Instagram with a caption that hinted there may be more than one bun in the oven.

The caption reads: “What In The Cuteness Are These?!?!…. Our New Little Ones 1st Pair Of Shoes Designed By Their Daddy”

5. Now, before you write this off as a typo or Ciara not wanting to reveal the baby’s gender, there’s more.

During a Facebook live Q&A on Monday, she told fans she and Wilson are expecting two babies. But then followed it up with, “My next album is going to be my other baby.”


6. Guess time will tell!

Publicists for Ciara did not respond to BuzzFeed News’s request for more information.

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