Kim Kardashian Claims O.J. Simpson Called Kris Jenner From Jail After Nicole’s Murder

Kim Kardashian appeared on David Letterman’s show, where she revealed that O.J. Simpson called her mother, Kris Jenner, from jail following the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown.

“The week before that happened we were all in Mexico together at a family trip, the Simpsons and us — then this happening was kind of unimaginable,” she shared. “Then having your dad take one side and your mom take the complete opposite side. I mean, I remember answering the phone. It was dinnertime and we were all sitting down, and I answered the phone and it was a call from jail. It was OJ, and I handed my mom the phone because he wanted to speak to her. I just remember them getting into it. My mom was extremely vocal on her feelings,” Kim explained.

Kim’s father was one of the attorneys who defended OJ during the murder trial. He was found not guilty.