Ice Cube Denies Being A ‘Sellout’

Ice Cube has responded to people calling him a sellout after he agreed to work with President Donald Trump’s administration on the ‘Platinum Plan.’

“When I got bus to school. Homies called me a sellout. When I started rapping in 1983. Bangers called me a sellout,” Cube tweeted. “When I left NWA. They called me a sellout. When I start doing movies. Rappers called me a sellout. When I started my own league. The arena said it was a sellout.😂”

Ice Cube has faced heavy backlash after Trump’s camp revealed that he had worked with them on the plan. Cube says that he reached out to both camps, but only Trump’s team was willing to make changes now, while Biden’s team wanted to wait until after the election.

Last week he made it clear that his working with Trump was not an endorsement, he is just trying to make a change for the Black community.