Jhonni Blaze Says Spreading Drake Rumors ‘Wasn’t Cool’

Jhonni Blaze is addressing the beef between her and Drake, where she alleged that the pair slept together — she admits it wasn’t cool.

“I never really had a — I’ve been having big platforms and people ask me this and you are one of them. Imma just keep it real. I was one of those girls that really thought it was cool to…this is my thing. Y’all remember like, the Kat Stacks and stuff like that. ‘Oh, it’s good to air out people.’ I was never one of the girls that used to be in the bed and take the guy’s –I wasn’t them. I was just the girl who had a temper,” she said.

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“I just did stuff to embarrass somebody for attention,” she admitted. “It’s so embarrassing to say it, but I used to be like that. ‘Cause now I’d never do that, but back then I wanted attention. I thought it was cool. He said something I ain’t like, and instead of keeping it private, I went off. I thought that was so cool to do.”