I Want to Replace Everything in My Closet With These Chic, Eco-Friendly Pieces

My relationship with shopping has remained pretty cyclical throughout the years. When a piece catches my attention, I mentally style it, click the checkout button, incessantly track my package until I receive it (along with a boost of serotonin), and then repeat the whole process with the next piece. As I’ve gotten older and have focused more on being an intentional shopper, I’ve added some additional steps to this cycle. Now, I find myself reading product details and researching materials before hitting “add to cart.” And when I’m shopping the Iris & Ink Considered Collection at The Outnet, I can complete this step confidently because 66% of its pieces are made from lower-impact, recycled, and organic materials. This capsule of stylish wardrobe investments was designed using more eco-conscious processes (a trend I fully support) and has all the wardrobe staples my closet needs right now. In search of classic, eco-friendly items that are bound to withstand the test of time? I’ve assembled my top picks below for your viewing pleasure.