I Think This Sweater Set Looks Super Expensive, and You Can Wear It Year-Round

I don’t know about you, but I get ridiculously excited when I find ultra-versatile clothing styles I can easily take from spring and summer to the fall and winter months. Coming from someone who lives in a city where the weather is in a never-ending state of fluctuation (ahem, Los Angeles), I’d liken landing on such a gem to hitting the wardrobe jackpot. Case in point: I’ve noticed a handful of trendsetters flocking to this Who What Wear Collection sweater set, and after seeing each of them put their own spin on styling it, consider me sold. We can all agree that two monochromatic pieces together instantly make an ensemble look more expensive than it actually is (again, jackpot), and luxe-looking knits offer the opportunity for both casual and elevated wear. Couple that with its two-piece nature, perfectly priming it for endless mix-and-match appeal, and you can see how the set could easily become a year-round staple for any It girl. I love options, so it’s worth noting the set comes in three different colorways. And because I love a visual, I’ve rounded up a handful of outfits from Instagram you can pull inspiration from below.

How creamy is this cardigan?

This top looks so good with jeans.

These voluminous sleeves are beyond chic.

I didn’t know there was a perfect shade of gray until now.

This hue will make for the perfect tonal ‘fit that you can wear with black or brown.

This cut looks great on everyone.

A ribbed sweater with leather pants remains undefeated in any season, but it makes for an especially chic winter ensemble.

You’ll be tempted to wear these on repeat.

This sweater set and jeans are your coffee-break, lunch-date, errand, and Friday-workday outfit all in one.

This denim wash reigns supreme.

Swap out the cardigan and layer your sweater tank under a leather jacket for added warmth. Then, pair it with pinstripe trousers for an unexpected tailored effect.

Edgy and a bit vintage inspired, this will quickly become your coolest winter jacket.

I’m convinced pinstripe pants are cool again.

This sweater set does wonders for sweatpants (meaning I would totally leave the house in this).

These are where loungewear meets luxury.

Layering this sweater tank over a striped button-down is pretty iconic, and it simultaneously adds warmth to your look.

This shirt looks great with leather pants or relaxed denim.

Wearing your sweater set with trousers is all you need to take the style into office-ready territory.

It’s all in pleating details.

For sunny yet breezy days, you can totally top off your trousers with open-toed heels rather than booties. 

This pillowy structure is as comfy as high heels get.

These affordable slip-ons will do your wardrobe rotation good.

Swap out heavyweight, dark-colored jeans and trousers for a pair of lighter and bright-colored (think ivory-toned linen) pants that feel relaxed and breezy.

Imagine styling these with the cream sweater set.

Let the sweater tank shine on its own during the warmer months. Pair it with a billowy maxi skirt and strappy sandals for a day on the town.

Rotate this skirt with the sweater tank in all three colors.

Here’s proof a sweater tank can be the key piece in a springy look. Just pull out your white jeans and a punchy-hued baguette.

This sweater set is just the starting point to building a luxe-looking wardrobe on a budget. Add on these cheap finds that actually look really expensive.